Carol Stoops

Independent National Sales Director Emeritus
Carol Stoops
Norman, Oklahoma

Junior high school math teacher

Began, May 1991; Independent Sales Director, January 1993; Independent National Sales Director, March 2005; Million-Dollar Sales Director, one time

“It’s not the things you do for yourself that
have the greatest effects and rewards, but what
you do for others around you.”

Her journey, her way. “The greatest lesson I’ve learned from the Mary Kay opportunity is to enjoy the journey,” says Independent National Sales Director Emeritus Carol Stoops. “I’ve achieved my goals without doubts or comparing myself to others — standing onstage and feeling good about how I got there — that’s living my life my way.”Carol and Bob Stoops with family

But the onstage moment almost didn’t happen. Fear had set in; Carol thought she’d attend her first Seminar and then quit when she got home. “It was Divine guidance. I went to Seminar only because I’d given my word that I would go. Coincidentally, her Senior NSD and mentor, Independent Senior National Sales Director Judie McCoy debuted as an NSD at that same Seminar. “I didn’t know Judie or what a National Sales Director did, but that Seminar was such a catalyst for me. I found my dream!”

Armed with her “why” and her innate I-can-do-it-all approach, Carol returned home to teach and earn the use of a Career Car. “I’m a planner, a big thinker,” she explains. “Mary Kay’s principles fit perfectly with my priorities. My children — daughter Mack and twin sons Isaac and Drake — are learning a strong work ethic — those values transfer to them.” Carol’s husband, Bob, also appreciates that she has time for the activities of his high-profile career as the head football coach for a nationally ranked university.

“Mary Kay said the true mark of a leader is not what her people do with her, but what they do long after she’s gone… that is legacy,” Carol reflects. “My greatest hope is that I have elevated women…to dream big, believe in themselves, and know that anything is possible. It fills me with joy to know the women in my area are going on to live their greatest dreams! It’s exactly what Mary Kay’s vision was for all of us when she started this Company,” Carol explains. “I just want women to know how magnificent they truly are!”