Diana Sumpter

Independent National Sales Director
Diana Sumpter
Dickson, Tennessee


Active duty Air Force

“Right Here, Right Now”

Began, August 1987; Independent Sales Director, October 1988; Independent National Sales Director, June 2004; Monthly Go-Give™ Award, November 2001

Motivated by:
Women who take full advantage of this Mary Kay opportunity
My best asset:
My enthusiasm
Favorite vacation spot:

Alaskan cruise

“Through my Mary Kay business, I’ve learned that we can
have it all and not sacrifice what’s important.”


Back to center. “I love it when women are able to step away from their businesses and get back home, or for stay-at-home moms to regain balance of business and home,” says Independent National Sales Director Diana Sumpter, who knows what it’s like to live “off-center.” Her former life as an active-duty member in the Air Force was full of work, travel and stress – everything but the family she loves.

“I discovered that a business wasn’t enough for me if I had to lose our daughter along the way,” says Diana, who used to put their daughter in day care 70 hours a week. “Through my Mary Kay business, I’ve learned that we can have it all and not sacrifice what’s important.”

A self-described Type-A person, Diana also is grateful to have learned compassion and acceptance of those who do not share her same drive for success. The personal growth she’s experienced through her Mary Kay business has helped her improve her communication skills and her relationships with others.

Naming some special relationships, Diana feels blessed to have been taught by the best. “Independent Executive National Sales Director Emeritus Karen Piro is my senior NSD, and she has absolute faith in me,” Diana explains. Another supporter is Independent Future Executive Senior Sales Director Connie Lamp. “Connie taught me to only take advice from people with whom I would want to trade places.” And Diana was taught by Mary Kay Ash. “That was the greatest blessing!”

“My Mary Kay business changed me. I know how to look for the best in others instead of trying to make them like me,” she says candidly. “My mission statement is ‘Changing Legacies.’ It’s about getting the mom back in the center of the home and giving the families financial choices. That’s what I do every day, and that’s why I love my Mary Kay business.”