Rebbecca Evans

Independent Senior National Sales Director Emeritus
Rebbecca Evans
Las Vegas, Nevada

Radio broadcasting

Began, March 1982; Independent Sales Director, December 1983; Independent National Sales Director, June 2004; Monthly Go-Give® Award, October 1992 and June 2002

“I’ll never be able to give back all the wonderful things that have been given to me through my Mary Kay business.
But I’m going to try. ”


Positively happy. “One of the things I love most about my Mary Kay business is that I never know who I’m going to meet,” says Independent Senior National Sales Director Emeritus Rebbecca Evans. There are numerous perks to pursuing a Mary Kay business. But, to Rebbecca, learning how to become a more positive person is what she values most.

“It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react to it that matters. It used to be my lot in life to talk about what was wrong instead of what was right. Mary Kay helped me discover that I have the choice to decide what’s going to happen in my day,” says Rebbecca.

Rebbecca and her family suffered numerous setbacks along the way that could have easily dampened her enthusiasm for life and for her business. The challenges only seemed to make Rebbecca and her family stronger. “Mary Kay Ash used to say that the true measure of a woman is the size of the problem it takes to stop her. I’m so grateful that I kept working my business. I was able to do so much for my family because of my Mary Kay business and the flexibility it gave me.”

“I’ll never be able to give back all the wonderful things that have been given to me through my Mary Kay business,” says Rebbecca. “But I’m going to try.” Rebbecca has traveled around the world trying to give back. She brought the Mary Kay message to the women of Germany and the Philippines when the business opportunity opened in those countries.

In her travels, Rebbecca learned life is different in other countries. “I feel those of us who have been given so much in a Mary Kay business should be careful to ensure that other women have the same Mary Kay opportunity. We have to let women know that a Mary Kay business may be a solution for them and provide them with the same wonderful opportunities that we have enjoyed.”